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About Us

Nowadays, in a fast evolving and increasingly digital world, there is a permanent strive for the improvement of processes, seeking competitive differentials and a perpetual enhancement of technological resources. Softlogic is committed to the development of reliable, affordable and easy-to-use software tailored to the needs of each client, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality products.

Enabling Solutions of Tomorrow

What We Do


Tailored Software Applications

Our experience and solid skills in software development allow us to design and develop tailored software applications driven by customer business demands and expected evolution. Concerning the specificities of each project, we choose the languages, frameworks and team skills which will lead to success, delivering custom-tailored robust software solutions.

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Web Applications

Over the past ten years we´ve seen a rise in native applications, but today, the trend is a progressive switching from traditional native applications to online web-based solutions, compatible with mobiles, tablets and desktops.

We design, develop and maintain web applications from SaaS platforms to largescale online applications that are secure, scalable, performant and user-friendly.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile solutions are crucial for developing a digital strategy on your business. Mobile platforms are a critical point of contact between you and your current and prospective customers. To take the maximum advantage of this connection, your application should be cleverly designed and built, to provide to the users a great experience. Softlogic mobile solutions keep your platform always up-to-date and your costumers engaged.

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No matter the industry or size of your business, building and maintaining a strong online presence is crucial to achieve success in today's digital era. A website provides companies and businesses with means to engage with costumers and potential leads, at a global scale "No one does business from your website. You do business through your website.".

By taking advantage of the latest technologies and frameworks, we design, develop and maintain modern website platforms that are responsive, secure and user-friendly, helping companies drive their business forward.

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Embedded Applications

The markets for embedded systems are growing fast, driven by the IoT, M2M applications in different type of industries.

Using technologies as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and many other players in this field, it is now possible to prototype and develop on field applications which are changing already or will change the way we interact with the physical world.

We prototype, develop, and deploy embedded software solutions, which can be integrated with cloud computing applications enabling the creation of smart environments. Surveillance, monitoring or automation, regardless of the project you have in mind, we transform business requirements and conceptual ideas into viable solution, helping your company's competitiveness in today's market.

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Machine Learning Solutions

With the everlasting growth in markets competitiveness it is important to keep up to date with the latest technologies and techniques that power business solutions. We create and conceive in-house algorithms that enable machine learning based solutions, helping businesses by enhancing scalability, improving operations and simplifying processes.

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Software development is limitless. It is the perfect blend of Technology, Innovation and ideation. This blend combined with a great life-cycle methodology enables us to create state of the art solutions for our clients.



Every development project starts with an interview with one of our experienced consultants, putting emphasis on fully understanding your business needs, to determine exactly the technologies that best add value to your business, either through investments in new solutions, improving architecture or usability, or a better integration between existing software solutions.

Prototyping & Planning

As soon as we define the technologies that better fit your business needs, it’s now possible to determine your project planning, including components, objectives, milestones, deliverables, road map and detailed schedule.

When necessary, we can perform a research or prototyping stage phase before planning validation. It is recommended in particular if potential risks have been identified during the project definition.

Design & Development

We start by the design of the architecture, defining the high-level structure of the entire software system, database design, interfaces, usability of components and scalability with possible future enhancements and evolutions.

Each component will be built using a horizontal development approach, allowing it as much as possible to be tested individually.

Maintenance & Support

We provide support for any unexpected situation, adding new features and guarantee that the solution stays up to date with latest technologies and security patches.

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Why Us

Our great commitment in conceiving innovative and quality focused solutions, empowers us to establish strong partnerships with our clients.


Innovation is in our genes. We strive to keep up to date with cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to provide you with the best solution tailored to your specific needs. This everlasting ambition empowers us to provide you with innovative solutions and services for your business.

Client Focus

We gather and analyse every requirement, seeking to understand the clients needs and goals. It is our belief that working in close cooperation with our clients is the way to add value to their business.

Our success is measured by the success of our clients.

Passion for Technology

It is not our goal to just be a technology company. At Softlogic, all our collaborators are passioned by technology. We believe that passion brings the pinnacle of creativity.

Compromise with Quality

Our mission is to focus on providing clients with quality solutions that better fit their needs, while offering competitive prices.